On 18th July 2023, Mrs Thelma Lewis* attended RADiANTs base of Little Plumstead Hospital. Mrs Lewis is the mother of the late David Lewis, a much-respected patient at Little Plumstead, who recently passed away following an illness.

David Lewis is also creator of the RADiANT logo. The original logo that David designed is a well-recognised symbol of the network and is the inspiration for the imagery of the website. We have very fond memories of David and thank him again for providing our beautiful logo.

We were very keen to pay our respects to David and invited Mrs Lewis to an event at Little Plumstead where she was presented with a copy of the original logo artwork alongside a tribute to David, by members of the hospital team, as well as members of the HPFT trust executive team. 

*Printed with the kind permission of Mrs Thelma Lewis