There are approximately 1.2 million people with an intellectual disability (ID) in the UK. They have comorbid mental health problems at a rate of about 40%, which is substantially higher than the general population. About 21% of them are in contact with specialist health services and about 0.16% (1955) are in in-patient psychiatric settings. For every one person in the general population who dies from an avoidable cause, 3 people with intellectual disability die from a condition amenable to good quality care. It is a startling statistic that highlights the vulnerability of this group, a vulnerability that is even more worrying in the light of the COVID 19 pandemic. RADIANT has already collated on its website, a set of useful guidance documents from a variety of sources. Further, we publish today, the first of a series of rapid guidance documents on physical and mental healthcare for this group. It is the result of a consultation process that included professionals from a range of disciplines and experts by experience.