RADiANT in partnership with the Leicester Centre for Mental Health Research (LCMHR) launched a research observership programme in 2022. It offers volunteers with a graduate degree and an interest in research an opportunity to

  • learn about the differences between research, audit, service evaluation and quality improvement
  • gain a understanding of the structure and funding of research activity within the NHS
  • observe and contribute to various RADiANT and LCMHR activities under the supervision of Prof Regi Alexander, Ms Verity Chester, RADiANT network manager and Prof Satheesh Gangadharan
  • contribute to research promotion activities
  • get involved in audits, service evaluations and quality improvement projects


Research Observers to date 

1) Elizabeth Patteril

Dates: April 2022 - January 2023

Mentors: Professor Regi Alexander, Professor Satheesh Kumar Gangadharan

Current Position: Research Assistant in the neurodevelopmental research stream at HPFT 


2) Medha Cherukat

Dates: June 2023 - Ongoing

Mentors: Verity Chester, Professor Regi Alexander

Current Position: Undergraduate psychology student at Birmingham University 


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