Welcome to RADiANT

RADiANT is a clinical and research network, hosted by Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

Our research network currently includes:

  • Clinicians from over a dozen NHS Trusts
  • Academics from several UK and international universities
  • An advisory group of around 100 including service users, patients, their family members, carers, community leaders and representatives from charities and professional bodies
RADiANT focuses on mental health and behavioural issues associated with five neuro-developmental conditions:
  • Intellectual Disability
  • Autism
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Epilepsy
  • Brain Injury
Our network has three over-arching aims:
  • Research
  • Public Education
  • Staff Development

The RADiANT Team

Prof Regi Alexander

Prof Regi Alexander

RADiANT Convenor
Prof Peter Langdon

Prof Peter Langdon

RADiANT Convenor
Ms Verity Chester

Ms Verity Chester

RADiANT Network Manager
Prof Rohit  Shankar

Prof Rohit Shankar

Lead for Research
Elizabeth Patteril

Elizabeth Patteril

Research Assistant

Upcoming Events

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Past Events

RADiANT Convenors and Advisory Board Members talk at the Royal College of Psychiatrists Webinar on COVID-19

Ms Andreana Howell (Expert by Experience), Professor Regi Alexander, Professor Peter Langdon, and Dr Jean O'Hara spoke about the clinical guidelines for COVID-19 in People with Intellectual and other Developmental Disorders at a webinar organised by the Royal College of Psychiatrists on 23rd April 2020. The event was attended by over 1300 registered participants and was chaired by Dr Ken Courtenay, Chair of the Faculty of Psychiatry and Intellectual Disability at the Royal College. 


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RADiANT Inaugural Event

  • The first RADiANT event, hosted by Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Trust, held in Hatfield on 13th June 2019 was a great success.  
  • RADiANT was introduced by Professor Asif Zia and Professor Sabyasachi Bhaumik, and our convenor Dr Regi Alexander. Following that, we had presentations from a number of fantastic speakers on a range of topics.  
  • Over 100 delegates attended, from a range of multidisciplinary backgrounds. Most importantly, a number of our advisory board Experts by Experience joined us, and their presentation, contributions to the panel discussions and question and answers were invaluable.  
  • We think this conference set a fantastic tone for our launch, and we are looking forward to working with our members to achieve our aims. 


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Forensic mental health aspects of intellectual disability and autism: An update

Join us at this meeting for an essential update on forensic mental health aspects of neurodevelopmental disorders, including Intellectual Disability & Autism. By attending, you will:

  • Understand the latest evidence on assessments, treatments, and treatment outcomes for people with neurodevelopmental conditions and mental health problems
  • Learn about the prevalence and mechanisms of offending behaviour in people with neurodevelopmental disorders and mental health problems
  • Review the Mental Health Act changes in England & Wales and their impact on services for treatment for people with neurodevelopmental conditions and mental health problems

For more information please see the video below:


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